April 7, 2023


Amy Kaslow Gallery opens in Bethesda this month with Documenting Landscapes: Ukraine’s Vanishing Terrain, nine works by Kyiv-based artist Jaroslav Leonets who traveled Ukraine for the past year and a half capturing the dramatic cliffs, expansive fields, and winding rivers threatened— if not ravaged - by Russia’s invasion. Read in the Art League.



May 21, 2022


Created by the hands and hearts of seven exceptional artists—sculptors, painters, and mixed media innovators—the works in HumanKind help us to see ourselves and one another. They peel back our defects to expose the raw beauty we so often overlook: our self-trust, our personal resolve, our connectedness, our decency. Read in the Art League.




October 9, 2021


Native Hands: Folk Art is Fine Art

Amy Kaslow Gallery in partnership with the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico presents Native Hands,a stunning collection of works—canvases, metals, woods, stone and clay—from artists innovating on generations-old practices, and training others to carry them forward. Native Hands is on view through November 28, Amy Kaslow Gallery, The Shops in Spring Valley, 4300 Fordham Road NW.


Read in the Art League.




July 22, 2021


Artist Talk with Elroy Williams

Painter Elroy Williams

Elroy Williams, whose work is currently featured in DC Lines, has a keen eye for what captivates. The longtime commercial artist turned fine artist says he paints, sculpts and photographs “to converse with the world” about “what can only be said through the visual.” See him in conversation at Amy Kaslow Gallery Friday, July 23, from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Reserve a free ticket here; 4300 Fordham Road, NW.


Read in the Art League.



May 14, 2021


The Multicolores Collective: Ancestral Colors

“Self Portrait: Happiness” by Juana Calel, Patanatic Community

Direct from the steep Highlands of Guatemala, Amy Kaslow Gallery presents exquisite indigenous rugs created by master Maya artists. Every geometric design and coloration is emblematic of one of the Kiche, Kaqchiquel and Tzutujil communities that climb the country’s rugged, volcanic mountainside. This extraordinary heritage collection was specially created for Amy Kaslow Gallery and curated for collectors in search of art with impact; view it in online, or in-person through June 15, 4300 Fordham Road NW (at The Shops in Spring Valley).


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