April 30, 2023


Roughly a year prior to Russia’s invasion of his home country in February of 2022, Jaroslav Leonets set out with what became an increasingly urgent mission: to travel around Ukraine to sketch a number of the country’s iconic vistas as well as other stunning and bucolic aspects of its varied topography. Read in Metro Weekly.



February 1, 2023


A number of contemporary Aboriginal artists from Australia’s vast Central Desert region honor their ancestors as well as their historical ties to land Down Under through the creation of what are called “Dreamings.” Read in Metro Weekly.




October 3, 2022


Like other arts venues and culture organizations, museums and galleries have mostly all reopened by now, and have also mostly returned to some sense of normal, although it’s always a good idea to check operating hours and admission pricing and policies before embarking on any cultural outing. Read in Metro Weekly.

Spotlight: ‘Bark’ at the Amy Kaslow Gallery

Works by Kaslow offering close-ups of "the tree's most intricate and protective armor."


February 26, 2021


amy kaslowRainbow Eucalyptus Florida 3 — Amy Kaslow

Washington native Amy Kaslow recently set out on a new venture, one that departs from the K/NOW publisher’s work as a journalist/photographer who became known for a series of “Life After War” pieces depicting victims, perpetrators, eyewitnesses, and survivors of wars in El Salvador and Nigeria.


Last year, Kaslow opened an eponymous art gallery focused on celebrating the natural world in content, form, and medium. Located in the Spring Valley Shopping Center behind Crate & Barrel, the Amy Kaslow Gallery is billed as a “light-filled place…where concrete floors give way to soaring ceilings across wide-open industrial space.”


Through March 14, the focus is on more than a dozen large-scale photographic works by Kaslow under the title “Bark.” The exhibit offers close-up botanical views of “the tree’s most intricate and protective armor.”

As Kaslow puts it, in an official description of the exhibition, “Human nature is full of flaws. Mother Nature’s more than an essential elixir, she’s our example. Take tree bark, which mesmerizes with detail; it grows, protects, and adapts.”


“Bark’s” diversity is captured in images of brilliant-hued Royal Palms, creamy colored Argentinian Sycamores, floral Maryland Beech Trees, and “shocking” painted Rainbow Eucalyptus.


Later this year, the gallery will feature an installation of stainless steel depictions of the human form by Noah James Saunders, a display of the richly hued rugs created by indigenous women in the highlands of Guatemala, and a sleek organic wood wall and floor pieces from Virginia sculptor Renee Balfour.


The Amy Kaslow Gallery is at 4300 Fordham Rd. NW. Walk-ins welcome, one party at a time, masks and social distancing required. Visit www.amykaslowgallery.com.


Read in Metro Weekly.



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