October 16, 2023


George Alexander, Multidimensional, 2023, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 60

Collecting, curating, and chronicling this exhibition opened many robust conversations with Native American creatives; we are listening to probing, powerful and ancestrally rooted voices. Out of hundreds of years of continuing disruption, destruction and near erasure, contemporary Indian Country artists look forward with boldness. We have assembled thirteen artists who deliver thirty-three works that transmit their memories, their passions, and their destinations.


Presenting this stunning collection of contemporary work from talented emerging and established Native American artists fills us with humility and pride. Featured works by George Alexander, Jerome Ebelacker, Cavan Gonzales, Terrance Guardipee, Larsen Harris Jr, Justin Lomatewama, Ira Lujan, Sharon Naranjo Garcia, Brandon Ortiz, Desiree Red Elk, Pauline Romero, Tony Tiger, and Beau Tsatoke.

More information and the link to RSVP to this event can be found here: https://amykaslowgallery.com/events/stakingclaim2023


The exhibition will be on view at 7920 Norfolk Avenue, Bethesda through December 3rd.


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August 7, 2023


From the middle of the Americas, its terraced mountains to its rainforest rivers, we present exquisite fiber works by artists who celebrate Mother Earth. The organic and upcycled materials show their reverence for the environment and remind us just how essential this region is to the entire globe’s well-being. Read more in East City Art.


April 13, 2023


Wrapping up three remarkable years in NW, Washington, DC, we open our doors in Bethesda this month. We are humbled and deeply proud to introduce “Documenting Landscapes: Ukraine’s Vanishing Terrain,” an important collection of works that transport us from daily headlines about war’s destruction to the bucolic and brilliant vistas that once defined the country’s scenery. Read more in East City Art.



Jan 8, 2023


Remote, flat, and vast, Australia’s central desert is home to Aboriginal peoples dating back 50,000 years. Perhaps the world’s oldest civilization, these First Peoples have always illustrated their reverence for ancestors, their historical ties to the earth. Read more in East City Art.


September 23, 2022


Welcome to TEXTURE, striking works from around the globe that tell the compelling stories of the people who create them. The second in our series of Folk Art is Fine Art exhibitions, TEXTURE celebrates astounding talent that is often remote, even hidden from public view. Read more in East City Art.


July 14, 2022


Washington Landscapes opens Thursday, July 14th at Amy Kaslow Gallery, offering a sumptuous look at the nation’s capital. Paintbrushes, pen and ink and intricate appliques of three artists capture the capital city’s majestic landscape, from strikingly different perspectives. Read more in East City Art.


May 20, 2022


HumanKind has been two years in the making. As disease and war gripped the world, we have also concentrated on the creatives who chronicle daily life with their paint brushes, chisels, wires, needles and threads. Read more in East City Art.


February 25, 2022


Sinewy, smooth and sleek and utterly multi-dimensional, Renee Balfour’s sculpted works come from nature’s treasure of trees, the black walnut, cherry, and white oak from White Oak Canyon along Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Read more in East City Art.


March 15, 2021


Oui Ca Va Bien, Noah James Saunders, Galvanized steel wire, 32″ x 27” x 10”, Featured in Sculpting Shadow at Amy Kaslow Gallery.

On View: March 18 – April 25, 2021


Georgia native Noah James Saunders opens his stunning metal works on March 18th, 2021 at Amy Kaslow Gallery in Washington, DC.


Suspended from the ceiling and hanging from the walls, Saunders’ sculpture shows us the male human form, sinewy, stately, and strong. From searching eyes to brawny shoulders, the body mechanics of these life-sized pieces fill the room with presence.

“I speak in wire; and faces are my language,” says Saunders. For thirty years, in the United States and Europe,  the master of wire has honed his talent and invented new techniques. Today, his pieces are feats of artistry and engineering. Heads and torsos move and cast shadows so ethereal, we must remind ourselves that these are an assemblage of metal strips.


Saunders delights in what he calls “humanizing the wire usually forgotten in the back of a drawer” and after three decades he’s still drawn to the simplicity of the material, the complexity he creates with form and shadow.  His sheer raw talent has nurtured a career of sculpting and exhibiting. The celebrated artist has held teaching residencies, launched dozens of solo shows and has collected awards from his home state of Georgia to Luxembourg. He was a finalist for the Luxembourg Art Prize, selected from 12 artists around the world. Saunders claimed the prestigious People’s Choice Award at ArtFields2019 which provided him the exploratory time in Italy he needed to ideate and create Join Me: A Prelude. The sculptor’s work is in private collections across the US and Europe.

See Saunders’ evocative portraiture, his mastery of metal, space and shadow. March 18 through April 25, 2021 at Amy Kaslow Gallery, 4300 Fordham Road NW. For more information: www.amykaslowgallery.com.


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May 10, 2021



Dance of Chichi, Juana Calel, Patanatic Community, 46.5” x 24.5”.

Currently on view through June 15, 2021.

Direct from the steep Highlands of Guatemala, we present Ancestral Colors: exquisite indigenous rugs and embroidery cloths created by 18 master Maya artists. Opening with a special Mother’s Day celebration, the exhibition runs now through June 15th, 2021.

Each work is an indigenous woman’s mix of her own ancestral heritage with contemporary society as she seesaws between striving for social change and upholding cherished tradition. Each textile tells a story of triumph and endurance, even sustainability. The artists are members of Multicolores, a collective of highly cultivated weavers and embroiderers, who share techniques and supplies as they pool their efforts and profits. They are standouts in a region of deep poverty and harsh violence, where indigenous women face barriers to education and work, where girls often become mothers before they learn to care for themselves.


“These rugs signify our culture, but also our efforts—how we have worked hard to get ahead,” says exhibiting artist Ramona Cristina Tumax Tzunún. “The rugs are part of us: part of our struggle to be valued, respected and recognized.” Indeed, the artists’ innovation on age-old beliefs and practices also portends social change, because as they tap their talent and highlight their heritage, they elevate their self-worth and their importance in the community. Most become their family’s top income earner: they can afford uniforms to send their children to school, to fund fresh water pumps for the village, to add more nutrition to their diets.


The fine art collection of 27 contemporary floor and wall pieces draws on centuries of Maya women weaving cultural identity and pride into their own huipiles (blouses) and other traditional Mayan clothing. Each geometric design and coloration comes from one of the Kiche, Kaqchiquel and Tzutujil communities that climb the country’s rugged, volcanic mountainside. Mother Earth centers their Maya worldview, one rich with legends and folktales, and the artists give layers of life to these indigenous symbols. Vivid and precise, each of their creations plays on sophisticated mastery of color. Their innovative medium, recycled fabrics, builds on stewardship of the land.


“Pride is what I want to celebrate in this artwork,” says exhibiting artist Hilda Raquel García Tzunún. “I hope this piece conveys joy, brilliance, and hope – these are the emotions I feel when I think of my own Maya identity.”

Multicolores artists created this heritage collection for Amy Kaslow Gallery and we are proud to curate it for collectors drawn to art with impact. The Maya artists’ works have been exhibited in Central America, the US and Canada. Prized at Santa Fe’s International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, they have made their way into the finest private collections in the hemisphere.

Ancestral Colors runs through June 15th at Amy Kaslow Gallery.


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Jane Kell: Abstract Light

November 30, 2021


Courtesy of Amy Kaslow Gallery.

Opening: Thursday, December 2 at 6pm to 7:30pm


Preview the works here

As German-American abstract expressionist Hans Hofmann observed, “in nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.”

Amy Kaslow Gallery is proud to introduce Abstract Light, artist-in-residence Jane Kell’s newest collection of 17 big bold oils with occasional pastels on canvas. Kell says “I felt ready to let go of realism and just focus on the color and what I could achieve with it.” The painter once again shows us that she herself is an uncommon combination of combustion and complete control. Her dynamism is matched by her follow through, a quality that so many of her works give. She takes us to that cove, to that sloping coastline, that suggested river in the distance. She leads us through her amazing mix of pigmented light to get there.



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Native Hands: Fine Folk Art

September 27, 2021


Courtesy of Amy Kaslow Gallery.


Opening October 1 and on view through November 28 at Amy Kaslow Gallery, Native Hands: Fine Folk Art brings you world class works from artists around the globe who innovate on generations-old practices, and train others to carry them forward. Creatives from tribal and ethnic groups with rich cultural heritage share their stunning collections — canvases, metals, woods, stone and clay — highly prized by leading patrons of the arts. We’re partnering with the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, whose professionals and seasoned advisors reach across the globe to assess folk art’s economic impact and find the most skilled artisans likely to pay it forward. We’ve tapped into this brimming talent to select simply the finest painted, woven, sculpted and polished pieces. Think big, bold installations like stunningly modern woven Armenian silks and smaller gems such as the intricate expressions captured in the Mexican clay heads. Storyboards move visitors through with crisp contexts about each artist, community and country represented.


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DC Lines

June 21, 2021


Courtesy of Amy Kaslow Gallery.



There is something so appealing about the simple line. Originating in nature, it’s everywhere we turn. Humankind walks it, wears it, draws it, and crosses it. Here we assembled striking pieces from four Washington artists whose works are inescapably, alluringly linear. Washington Lines includes Elroy Williams, who marshals his mastery as a commercial artist into contemporary fine art, crisp and clean mixtures of gorgeous color, and graceful form. Linda Cafritz’s seemingly sculpted acrylic paintings give us lines defined as much by textured hues as they are by their elegant verticality. From the late lacquer artist Andrew Kaslow, highly polished geometrics spring from square wallboards. And Amy Kaslow’s latest botanical images put a new lens on natural pinstripes and curves, all in sumptuous tones. Washington Lines opens June 24th and runs through August 8th.



Elroy Williams has a keen eye for what captivates. Throughout his decades-long career, he’s created art “to converse with the world, saying things that can only be said through the visual”. As a young graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts, Williams landed a job in advertising, where honed his commercial skills while privately committed to his own drawing and painting. His earliest exhibition was a solo show at the Emily Lowe Gallery in Manhattan’s Chelsea art district. Earning design and concept awards from his peers in the advertising industry, Williams eventually served as an art director in advertising and publishing in New York and Maryland firms. His fine art has won wide recognition locally and throughout the nation



Washington, DC painter Linda Cafritz studied art at The American University, The Corcoran School of Art, and The American College of Art & Design. Using acrylics and texture on canvas, Cafritz’s unusual and striking color combinations are both abstract, deep, and distinctively linear. Her work has been exhibited at Glen Echo’s Yellow Barn Gallery, the Ira Pinto Gallery, Baltimore’s Light Street Gallery, the New York and Washington Design Centers, SRA Architectural + Design, among others. Cafritz’s paintings are in private and commercial collections in the United States and the United Kingdom.



Andrew Kaslow loved the natural world and made his home on the deeply wooded edge of Maryland’s Loch Raven Reservoir, where he tended his garden and watched his bat boxes at night. A master finisher, musician, and designer, he combined his artistic talent with his zest for the organic when he created rare wood top tables in the shape of grand pianos. The spray booth and hard living cut Kaslow’s life very short, and he left us usable sculpture — bases of hand-forged, smoothed, and polished steel topped by ribbon mahogany, curly maple, sinewy sliced pear, straight-line cherry, and more rare woods Kaslow collected over his lifetime. These pieces are functional art and exceptional craftsman/womanship. We are proud to have them on our gallery floor. We have converted his best prototypes into one-of-a-kind pieces, with thanks to Mondrian, Mother Nature, and others who inspired this unfinished work.

DC LINES runs through August 8th at Amy Kaslow Gallery.


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